May 5, 2015

White Dog sighed that long sainted sigh that she has mastered that makes me feel instantly guilty. "I guess we go to Back Up Plan 2," she muttered dejectedly.

Caught in the lock of unusual rainy weather, Mother Nature, in WD's eyes has purposely singled the White Dog Army out for special torture.

The Original Plan was that it would be a typical blue skied New Mexico afternoon and the yard would be shaded with a gentle breeze and chirping birds. This would be the setting for the White Dog Army's first cookout of the year...to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The Army would supervise as Steve grilled marinaded strips of chicken on top of mild chilies to then be tucked in soft warm flour tortillas and smothered in a mix of cheeses, a spoon of thick pinto beans and a tickle of sour cream. The humans would dollop on homemade guacamole. The White Dog Army woke to visions of that lunch dancing to soft classical Spanish guitar music in their heads...they watched the clock.

And then it clouded up and started to rain.

"No worries," Bella said, "Momma always has a Back Up Plan." Zsofia woo'd her happiness.

Back Up Plan 1 involved simply switching from the grill to the broiler and pretending we had always planned on an indoor picnic. But then the lights went out. Our stove has electronic igniters on the burners. We wouldn't be broiling either, it seemed. AND it was starting to get close to the time Steve had to leave for work.

I started to make apologies and promises for a raincheck celebration when Steve looked at WD. "Want it enough to get wet?" he asked her. Her response was to immediately dash to the door. "It won't be what was planned but it is in the spirit of the day and it is quick enough for my schedule... come on Baby Girl! Let's make a run for the border!"


The Daily Pip said...

Sometimes indoor picnics are just as much fun!

Gus said...

Plus, you have dinner almost ready. Hope the lights come back on in time to celebrate!

gus n teka

Random Felines said...

improvise :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends you soft nose pokes. He feels your pain.