June 11, 2015

White Dog has been asked by her long standing fiance` Andy to attend the big upcoming country dance. Of course, with the blessing of her siblings, she has accepted the lovely invitation. But now must decide on a look...something old-timey flirty?
or something modern girl? (She likes this one because of it's connection to France and Andy's family are Francophiles)
or perhaps something lacy and summery/
or maybe just her naturally floofy white furs and fancy boots?
So many decisions and five sisters...each with their own advice. Her brothers say wear a nice collar and bring Andy a nice lamb shank, he won't care how you look!


Gus said...

Teka (our fashion guru) suggests that you look for the checkered one in colors that match or compliment your boots,and look for a belt that matches the color of the checks so he can admire your tiny waist.

Gus is in favor of the lamb shank idea.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

oh, I think the first dress and the third dress with the pretty pink boots( I think pink is the best color in the world, isn't it) would be beautiful on you. Andy is so happy he will have a date to big dance. He even has an idea for the cow to be ink stamped.
Sally Ann
P.S. The lamb shank is a also a great idea, I'm all for that.