June 12, 2015

White Dog handed out the list of White Dog Army members called to represent the WDA on the Paws To People float for Albuquerque's PrideFest Parade tomorrow morning. "Zsofia," she called and the Baby wooed a long song of happiness and delight. "Sachi, you will be loud and proud." "And although Yo really wants to go, I think my sweet brother, the the noise and crowds and sounds will make you crzy because you cannot see where it is all coming from. I ask you to stay home and take charge of White Dog Ranch."

"I know is is somewhat unprecedented but I would like Nilla and Ferguson to ride in the float with us. Yes, you are brand new and not yet seasoned to being spokesdogs but I am confident that this will be a wonderful opportunity to participate without a lot of people touching contact and to flash your handsome furs. Of course, i will be there. And Candace you may bring Kandy if she would like to ride in your arms."

"I think Dragon and Sen-gi and Maizey are going to ride alongside of us in the puppy carriage with their humans who are walking along with the float."

With that WD came out to the drive where we were assembling the components we had busily constructed over the past few weeks. Elena, Laura, Candace, Casey, Nate, Steve and I had given vision to this year's theme: "Color the world with pride"
Paws and hands represented our supporters and remembered the Warriors that so many catastrophic diseases had taken. We proudly shared our belief that the hope of saving lives knows no gender...no orientation...no color...no species.
The White Dog Army will ride inside the van with the open doors and gates bedecked with streamers.

"Where is the crown," White Dog asked, "the golden cap that sits on the top of the car and REALLY tells our story?" Steve explained that we will add that element first thing in the morning. "We have to leave some things as a total surprise," he told her.


Brian said...

That sounds like a super fun day!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh my gosh! This sounds like so much fun. We sure hope you all had a great parade. :)