June 2, 2015

White Dog bumped up against YoYoMa, "I hope the same fate doesn't await you that Sachi had," she said ominously. He turned toward her as Steve snapped on his leash. "You know, the Tubby treatment and being slapped on a diet."

"You know that was not very nice," I hissed at her as I walked past carrying Storm in my arms.

Today was Yo's annual wellness exam and a followup on our Littlest Girl's intestinal issues. It was a quiet 10-minute ride as YoYoMa slumped on the floor of the van looked worried; Storm was placid but clearly was tired of going to be checked. "It will be all right," I reassured.

Dr. Julia was just returning to the office as we pulled into the lot. While we waited, surprisingly calmly, Steve took the opportunity to weigh Yet Another White Dog. "I think you are going to be able to demand some apologies," I heard him tell Yo as they walked back to where Storm and I waited.

We went into the exam room. YoYoMa looked back over his shoulder as Margaret led him to the lab to have his blood drawn.

While he was away, Dr. Julia asked about Storm's digestion and excretion. She was pleased Gentle Storm was once again heartily eating and that her output was not totally liquid nor was she bloody. Storm sat in my arms as Dr. Julia felt around her tummy and intestines. "Feels much better," she commented. She rubbed Storm under the chin. "Don't need to see her, but I want to see poop next week. To run a fecal culture. She is looking vastly improved."

With that YoYoMa came back in. "Did we get a weight?" Dr. Julia asked. "36 pounds," Steve responded at the same time Margaret said "34." "I guess we ought to synchronize our scales," Margaret laughed.

"In any case Big Boy, you have lost 4 or 6lbs since last year. Good job!" She listened to all his parts and examined his eyes. Two shots brought him up-to-date. One of the other techs then brought in Yo's blood panel. Dr. Julia waved the two sheets. "Picture Perfect!" she said. I silently thanked the Universe.

On the ride home, YoYoMa suggested we drive through for a celebratory burger. Unfortunately Steve had to hear capstone projects at school tonight so was rushed. My handsome biggest boy strutted into the house and flashed his tail. "Perfect! She said I was P-E-R-F-E-C-T!" Sachi let out a little yipe of jealousy.

"Come on everyone, let's all share a jerky treat...yes even you, Sachi...be glad both Yo and Storm had good checkups."

As the WDA drew round, I heard Zsofia ask her brother, "Does your rump hurt from the shots?"
She said I was PERFECT!

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