June 1, 2015

White Dog heard the noise on the roof and gathered the White Dog Army around her. "Today is the day! she sang out joyfully. "The most important day of the summer!"

YoYoMa and Puff got it right away and began the Song of Celebration. The others joined in because they knew in their hearts whatever it was would be a good thing.

There were creaks and squeaks and sounds of walking above us. Steve appeared on the ladder and went to the side of the house. He went back up the ladder. He came inside and left with his can of spray lubricant.

We smelled the vague odor of wetness. All noses turned toward the vents near the ceiling. The Smell turned to cool air. And Steve was back inside, sweating from the sun's heat on the roof. He closed doors and pulled down windows until just cracks remained. The newest pups looked worried.

The experienced White Dogs settled into long ago established spots as Steve went from room to room opening the vents. The cool air filtered down into the room. Yo sighed loudly. Nilla looked upward in surprise.

As usurper of Steve's favorite chair SHE was in one of the prime cooling spots. Her expression was priceless as she realized her luck, gazed across the room to where Steve was sitting as if to ask his permission to stay there, and when he smiled, rolled on her back to luxuriate in the breeze.

"BEST day of the summer," White Dog announced. "Swamp Cooler Turn On Day! Now let's have some jerky and then a nap!"


Nan√ľk said...

Oh it IS a good day BOL!! We are still turning on the heater in the mornings here,

Nuk & Family

Random Felines said...

that IS a good thing to celebrate :)

meowmeowmans said...

Cool air AND duck jerky??? Yes, indeed ... best day of the Summer! :)