June 5, 2015

White Dog heard Bella's and Sachi's alert when we pulled into the driveway. The White Dog Army was crushed against front door waiting for us to enter, which was nearly impossible since they were blocking the door's swing. Finally we swung the door open as far as it would go and released an avalanche of white that surrounded us, sniffing, singing, welcoming.

White Dog waited on her chair of command for the hubbub to die down, then deliberately hopped off of her throne and stood eye-to-eye with our newest recruit. She looked him up and down as the rest of the WDA quieted and waited. WD turned her head to me, "Let us celebrate the arrival of our newest brother! Duck jerky, everyone!" The new boy was confused but got into formation with the rest of the Army; he was awestruck that this simple maneuver netted him a thick delicious slab of the WDA's favorite treat. Then he was released to explore, wander a bit, and find his way around White Dog Ranch.
Nilla is quite smitten with the handsome new boy. They spent much of the afternoon exploring the house together and pausing to sniff ears and muzzles. It was a lovely welcome for the new boy and a chance for Nilla to feel her part in the Army.
After a celebratory dinner, White Dog gathered all around. It was time for the official welcome announcement and naming...

"My White Dog Army and the world, I present to you the newest member of the WDA, specially chosen and kissed by the White Dog Angels. We are honored and blessed that he has joined us..."

She rested her muzzle against his. "I give you FERGUSON AMAT VITAM, (she looked at Steve, for you non-Latin scholars, "Ferguson Lover of Life"),  The Mellow White Dog, TMWD."

The room erupted in the sounds of joy and Ferguson, fully now one of us, buried his head in Steve's lap (just like Taiko did). I caught his teary eye and smiled.


Jeanne Pursell said...

What a wonderful and warm welcome for Ferguson! The new name is perfect and he seems to fit right in! Congratulations on your newest little family member and we all look forward to hearing how he is getting along with the WDA!!

rottrover said...

Welcome, welcome, Ferguson! The angels picked well for you. Enjoy!!

-Ruby and Otto

Brian said...

Welcome hope handsome Ferguson! You are part of the best family now!!!

Nanük said...

Welcome and pleased to meet new friend!!

NukNuk & family

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy sends soft nose pokes to the newest member of western branch of the WDA.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, this is SO special! Welcome to the best home ever, Ferguson! :)

Nanük said...

We stopped to see how the new recruits are!! An to see who wants to pay!!

NukNuk an Timber