June 6, 2015

White Dog looked at Nilla and Ferguson lying, asleep across the room. "So similar in so many ways, yet so different," she observed. And she is right.

Our two newest recruits have formed a fast friendship that is as sweet and gentle as each White Dog is. Both are always smiling; these two have the brightest smiles and happiest eyes imaginable...especially when you factor in that both are abandoned rescue dogs. Both absolutely adore Steve, just like Taiko did. If one is not following him, then it is the other...or both. When joined by his Baby Girl, Zsofia, and his mighty protector, Sachi, it is quite a posse.

Both White Dogs love a good nap and quickly adjusted to life with a swap cooler...each has found a spot under the cooling air that wafts down from the vents at the top of the room.

But they are different, too. Nilla is unkempt and is still getting used to being brushed. Based on the mats and knots that we patiently work to remove, this poor girl has not been maintained for a LONG time. Ferguson is smooth and coiffed. He loves the groomer we are told and leaned into the brush this morning.

The Harmonious Girl eats with gusto, loves treats, and is not above trying to steal crumbs dropped by others. Our Lover of Life savors his meals, is still not sure of anything treatwise that is vegetable or fruit in nature...he loved the Army's favorite Sweet Potato cookies, but only after we added peanut butter.

Both love walks. And walking together. And walking with their dad.

Nilla never asked whether she could sleep on the furniture; she just did it..Steve's leather chair...the couch...the bed (but strangely only the first night). Ferguson never asked either; he just keeps all four on terra firma.

Ferguson is still like Goldilocks in choosing where he will sleep at night. He seems to prefer the less crowded office where White Dog and Puff rest, but he starts out in the bedroom in the corner bed, then on the mat in front of the window, and stops to rest his head on the top of our bed for one final pat before heading into the other room.

Nilla has claimed the open crate in the bedroom; the one Taiko used. She settles in facing the room and sits waiting for lights out treats before resting her head on her paws and settling in for the night. She seems to enjoy having everyone around her.

Nilla has already learned some of the White Dog Army's favorite songs...the mailman song...the dad's making dinner song...the friendly intruder song. Ferguson stands shoulder-to-shoulder with his new pack (at the back with Storm) there to protect if called upon but mostly silent and observing. He is a great watcher of the others.

If Steve escorts her to the door and flips the flap Nilla will go out of the dog door; she readily comes in on her own. Ferguson is still not sure he trusts pushing through into the unknown in either direction. But he watches.

When Steve calls their names, both come galloping up, full of smiles and wags, just to be near him. It is such a lovely sight to see them charging up the ramp, followed by the Darkest White Dog or Puff.

White Dog is right...so similar and yet different. Like they each are. And we are richer for it.


The Daily Pip said...

How nice that the newbies have developed a friendship and can lean on each other when they need it. I will look forward to following their adventures and transformations!

Random Felines said...

it is amazing to see how quickly and well the adjust....a sure sign of how balanced the WDA is !!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy thinks that both of the new additions to the wda are wonderful little soldiers. March on ward white dog soldiers, March on ward as towards "treats." Andy changed the wording a bit.
Sally Ann Phillips

meowmeowmans said...

We are so glad Nilla and Ferguson are finding their places in the WDA so quickly. This is such a beautiful post about two diferent, but equally wonderful dogs. :)