June 7, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army had all found comfortable spots from which they could both enjoy the cool air of the evaporative cooler AND supervise Steve and I as we worked. With 11 of us now, just getting arranged is no easy task in our small living room, but the WDA managed amid boxes of materials, work trays, and stacks of things drying or awaiting the next step.

What were we doing that required so much White Dog power? Making "crayons" out of paper tubes and construction paper, of course.

We cannot yet reveal why but the WDA knew that it was an important task so they rotated turns at staying awake to make sure things were done to the highest of standards.

Then Steve realized that he needed to get the utility knife out of the car. We have an inside version but it seemed easier to him to just get the cutter out of the toolbox in the floorwell rather than trying to remember where the house version was...or maybe it was his "spidey" sense.

He can back in shaking his head. He snorted through his nose like WD does when she is totally frustrated. Ferguson and Nilla lept up to run to his side. Zsofia wooed a question. I raised an eyebrow.

"There is a huge run in the windshield," he spit out. "Wasn't there earlier when I was out. Is now...almost halfway across the window."

I didn't bother asking how it happened. New Mexico is renowned for traffic tossing rocks up to hit the glass leaving tiny dings, often unnoticed, that with the heating of the day and night cooling, eventually run the glass.

We both sighed. The WDA gathered around asking with their eyes how they could help. I reached down and rubbed ears. "It is all right, every one, just a bump in the road that was not anticipated."

"We're not going to starve because you have to pay for a new glass?" Zsofia and Nilla asked at the same time. "No, Sweet Girls," Steve replied. "It is just another thing that goes on the needs to be done NOW list and which causes us to rein in this month's wild extravagant life. No worries."

And he went off to the office to sulk a little as he looked up glass replacement businesses, followed by Ferguson, Zsofia, Nilla, Sachi and White Dog.


NanĂ¼k said...

Typical huskerboo, mind on his stomach BOL BOL BOL


Random Felines said...

always something - around here too....