July 10, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army were feeling a bit neglected. Between late teaching nights, doctor appointments, vet checkups and opera season the WDA feared that we were forgetting where our hearts were. Or at least that is what they told Steve as they gathered around him, sat on his lap, rested their heads in his knee and stared pitifiully into his eyes.

"You are being so White Dog manipulated," I told him as he doled out nearly half his breakfast scone in shared bites.

Next thing I knew, Steve came into the office to let me know he was talking the pups on walks. "Just because."

"They certainly will enjoy the physical activity," I told him, "but make it more of a challenge." I called the WDA around me and held up Zsofia's new flea stuffie. "First hide this somewhere along the walk," I told Steve. "Then," I turned and talked to every pup. "Each walking pair must find Flea and point it out to dad. Then YOU get to hide it for the next team to find. You will have to use your snooters and your head to figure this out." I let each pup sniff Flea before Steve took the stuffie and went down the driveway. Zso and Sachi watched out of the window. "Good thing you are not Team 1," I said. "No looking ahead."

Teams matched bedtime walk pairs: Bella and Puff; Fergis and Sachi; Nilla and Zsofia; White Dog and YoYoMa. Storm who only is brave enough to walk halfway down the drive got to go by herself.

The reports as each team came back happily triumphant were that the game was a huge success. Some needed a little more help than others but each time eventually found Flea and pointed him out to Steve; then helped hide him again. Even tiny Stom found Flea lurking in the ivy and dragged him to Steve's feet.

Jerky treats were awarded all around. More important, the WDA enjoyed the extra special time spent with Steve.


rottrover said...

What a fun game! MOM!!! Come read this!!


NanĂ¼k said...

This is a great picture!!!


Random Felines said...

what a great game!!!