July 11, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army helped pack up our opera picnic in exchange for a smples as we went. "You know you used to get samples when we got home and told you about the night. How did it evolve into samples BEFORE we go AND leftovers when we come home?" YoYoMa just looked up and grinned.

So peach slices were shared as Steve sliced them to mix with raspberries. Every pup recceived a quater slice of the roast beef and peppered turkey that went on the anitpasto plate...AND little cubes of mozzerella and Pecorino Toscano. I quatered a hardboiled egg to go into each dinner bowl and mixed in colorful strips of bell peppers that were part of our lovely garden salad. They were promised lemon chicken and cheesecake tastes post-opera.

The opera was Donizetti's Daughter of the Regiment and the WDA, at 1am, seemed more interested in their bites of chicken and cheesecake than they were about the story of Marie and this comedic opera. "Poor babies," I cooed to them as they swarmed and pressed against us. "Are you starving? It is so late for you to wait up." I HAD missed them and loved their attention. They wagged and nodded and gratefully took the tiny pieces. Then we went to bed.

Sunday morning we discovered Candace's note by their clean bowls. "I hope you don't mind but your babies seemed so sad and it was raining and I knew you would not be home until late, so I brought my girls inside and I shared my pizza with all of them. Don't worry it was just a little, mostly crust. But it made them SO happy."

I looked around my little pack of con artists. "Opera Season is not guilt season. Every Saturday night for the next three weeks cannot be a stuff yourself food fest. You know what Dr. Julia would tell you."  In response, Puff walked out to the kitchen and nudged the stand her food bowl sits in, causing all the White Dogs to join her to see what was for breakfast.


The Daily Pip said...

Nice work, WDA! You all made out pretty well.

Random Felines said...

nice job all!! we pulled this one on mom once....she came home and fed us like normal then talked to our grandma to discover she had stopped by mid-afternoon and felt bad for us and filled our bowls then too. MOL

KB Bear said...

Way to go, WDA!!! Every now and then, our Duo convinces me to feed them when they've already been fed by my husband. They are con artists too!