July 18, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army were NOT happy at the Nob Hill Street Fair going on half a block away. It is advertised as the biggest such event in New Mexico. Central Avenue from just past our corner all the way to the University is shutdown to traffic to allow for vendors, crafters, street food, music and entertainment. The Fair last from two in in the afternoon until just after ten at night.

As thousands stream into our neighborhood to participate our normally quiet streets become congested and clogged with parkers. There is lots of talking and strangers and loud noises. Which drives the White Dog Army to distraction.

Before we even escaped to the opera in Santa Fe, Steve had to go out and ask two different cars full of attendees to please not park across our driveway. And one fussed for nearly 10 minutes trying to squeeze her car forward enough that we could exit before she gave up and angrily moved to another spot.

We felt bad leaving the WDA but did our best to close all of the blinds turn up the house cooling and block out the neighborhood distractions as much as possible. Candace and the girls came in to hang out and share dinner.

We got a plaintive text from her, right before curtain. She was totally frazzled by how jammed the neighborhood was and had a car parked across the driveway trapping her at home...not good since she was pup siting and had to go let out dogs and feed them. Of course, there was no way to contact the rude driver and she had already waited to the point that she feared her charges would be desperate.

She called a local towing company and they removed the car. Then she put the wheeled trash can in the middle of the drive space at the curb. A neighbor came out after seeing Candace's plight and too put out her garbage can. While that was happening a Fair goer pulled up and asked if they could park where the can was being place. When told no the neighbor had to be able to enter and exit herself, the driver uttered a nasty reply and sped off.

Just to add stress to my sweet White Dogs, a thunderstorm hit our house just about the time we left Santa Fe but were still more than an hour from home. Candace tried to comfort her girls and Yo and Storm but it had been too much for all.

They were VERY glad when got home (and I thanked the opera gods that Salome is one act with no intermission)...but the healing did not begin until we shared the bags of dog treats we brought back. Nancy and Dawn joined us to tailgate pre-opera and brought their wonderful special dog treats for the WDA. It was just what the doctor ordered.


meowmeowmans said...

Oh wow, that sounds nightmarish. Poor Candace and the WDA, having to deal with the craziness of all those fair-goers and the thunderstorm. We are glad you and Steve got home, and that things turned out okay. Peace and hugs to you all.

Random Felines said...

good heavens....mom says she would certainly cvomplain to the organizers. and why do people think it is ok to block someone's driveway??

NanĂ¼k said...

Pfffft, how rude, in YOUR neighborhood??!! Those bi-peds can be so loud and annoying. We are (NOT) looking forward to the music festival this August a short distance from our house, same problems with parking and dead soldiers in our yard. We spitz dogs prefer the peace and quiet.

NukNuk & Timber

Brian said...

Those humaans sure were not courteous at all!