July 19, 2015

White Dog and Kandy got to be the White Dog Army ambassadors for the Meeting in the Park. We were there to talk about Skin and Coat Care and the girls were our models as we talked about types of brushes and combs and ways to keep your pup's coat gleaming with good health.

White Dog was a pro, of course, as Steve demonstrated the looped shedding comb. Her floofy white tufts were stunning as they were gently swept across the green grass. She rolled oved so Steve could use the pin brush on tummy furs, then sat with her eyes closed in bliss as he massaged her neck and shoulders with the rubber zoomGroom.

Candace pulled out an itty bitty little brush to show how she must clean Kandy's face. Kandy is a Maltese and the comb, a man's tiny mustache comb. She had made the demonstration more lifelike by devouring half her mom's spaghetti the night before; her mouth furs were stained an easy-to-see marinara red.

We talked about supplements like fish oil, quick home remedies for cracked pads, rawness, hotspots, and the importance of a good diet. Regular brushing and grooming gives the opportunity to touch your pup all over and feel the body for lumps and bumps and changes. Changes in the feel and texture of your pet's furs are often an indicator of illness or nutritional imbalance...it is not all about looks. Best of all, it is a chance to be intimate with your furchild, to let them know by your attention and ministrations how much you care.

At the end of the presentation, White Dog took a bow and then pranced around the perimeter of the group so all could admire her silky flowing hair and floofy tail plumes fluttering.

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