July 23, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army stopped their VERY vocal supervision of the workmen across the street who were preparing to pour a new driveway to replace the cracked and tree root lifted one they had removed at the beginning of the week.

Bobcat bulldozers, men with shovels, huge disposal trucks and guys hammering forms into place trumped our arrival home. We pulled up and entered without our usual blizzard of Eskies (and Sibe) to greet us. Steve had removed Storm's harness and had gone into the kitchen; Storm had nearly settled in the doorway before we received any attention.

"Well?" WD asked for the pack as everypup looked over their shoulders toward the noise outside. "Well, Dr. Julia says Storm is not having a lupus incident thank goodness and her clostridia is improving with the doxicycline." The WDA wagged approval. "So why does she have that sore on her nostril and swollen lips?"

"Dr. Julia could not find any obvious explanation like a bug bite or infected mouth part. Her nose cavity is just raw, there is not anything unusual. With poor Storm's system being so compromised, it is really hard to tell. It is not an allergy, especially to food, because she would also be having skin problems."

"So what are we going to do?" The WDA had moved closer and were sniffing Gentle Storm as they did their own exam. "We are putting her on prednisone to reduce the swelling and are keeping watch. We have to let Dr. Julia know if things don't improve in three or four days...or right away if the sore in her nose gets bloody or weird."

"We keep wishing that she would just get totally well," Sachi said. There as a loud clang as the bobcat dumped a load of something into the transfer truck and the WDA was back at the windows supervising.

They ALMOST didn't hear Steve's quiet, "Isn't anyone interested in breakfast?"

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Random Felines said...

purrs for Storm...and hope the TV watching is good. we would be under the bed with all that noise :)