July 24, 2015

White Dog and Steve came and sat with me on the bed. They had dropped Pumpkin, our van, off for servicing early and were back at just about our normal "start the day time."

"You are not going to be happy with your Itty Bitty One," Steve began but White Dog cut him off with a look and a paw on my chest to force my focus toward her.

"You are an artist, momma," WD said. "an insightful and appreciative one. " "Oh, this is bad ," I thought.

"I want you to consider what you are about to see a diptych work. Two individual pieces of art that combine to reveal a larger truth. In this case, a study of innocent joy and deconstructivist angst. Think beyond your immediate visceral response."

"Oh man, WD. I am going to have to cut off your philosophy of art subsciption. Just show me."
Zsofia's portrait now hangs on the fireplace with the WDA and coincidentially overlooks Part 2 of the Master Work.
Part 2: the hole my darkest white dog artist decided would add interest and value to my beloved persian carpet. Chewed by her ownself.
I am nearly beyond my immediate visceral response. Still it is wise that my artistic baby girl is avoiding me. Just to ensure the Baby's safety, the WDA (worried at my silence and calm) are taking turns at my side...just in case an intervention is needed.


Brian said...

Oops! That rug must have self destructed!

Random Felines said...

Oh boy....

Who knew Sibes were into fiber arts?

NanĂ¼k said...

Oh dear. Looks familiar sorry this happened.

meowmeowmans said...

Uh oh. We guess art is in the eye of the beholder, huh?