July 29, 2015

White Dog heard Steve quietly call her name and hurried with him through the hallway door. He quickly closed it behind them, leaving those members of the White Dog Army awake so early confused and unhappy about not being included. But the hour overtook them and they curled up for a dozing session as the world awakened. From the bedroom I heard the van start up and back down the drive.

Thursday is Steve's super arduous day, he leaves for school before noon and does not return until 11:30pm. Before that he prepares the WDA's breakfast and their for-later dinners and helps administer medications. But we have put off going to the bakery since before the weekend and the cupboard was pretty bare. Another opportunity would not present itself until after the weekend which just would not work. In order to squeeze the trip into the day, Steve agreed to go very first thing when they opened at 7:30.

White Dog has been very patient with Zso's shenanigans which include playing the copycat game with WD. She hides her irritation as the Dark One follows on her heels and does everything she does; then woos in WD's face. As a reward, Steve sought to give WD a little one-on-one time by inviting her along on the errand. She gratefully scampered out with him.

After the bakery, Steve gave the Little White Dog who started the WDA a special surprise. They stopped at the Park, just the two of them, just like the long ago old days when the two of them went EVERY morning.

They returned smiling and I was filled with happiness watching them both tell of zoomies in the dew-y grass and running in the early morning coolness. White Dog is simply splendid as she flows like silk, furs streaming, across the greenway in the golden light.


Random Felines said...

A good start to the day for a man and his dog :)

Amber DaWeenie said...

One on one time sure is special. I like to cuddle with Mom in the middle of the night when I can climb over everyone else without waking them up. :)

NanĂ¼k said...

One on one time is important,