July 30, 2015

White Dog said, "It was the weirdest thing, momma, just now when I was outside I could swear that I saw a flash of Darby back behind the bamboo. When I went back to investigate, there was no one there. I thought it might be one of my sisters of Sachi, but I was the only one outside except for Zsofia and there is no mistaking HER for a little Eskie girl."

I put my arm around WD, "Maybe she paid you a visit from over the Rainbow Bridge," I said. "We feel Quinn and Taiko and Nuka and Oso lots of times here with us so why not Darby?"

Darby (or Daisy) was our first hospice foster from the city shelter. She had been abandoned by her humans right after Christmas; she was 17 years old. She was in partial kidney failure and had a horrible reaction to the teeth cleaning she had been given. She was depressed and snapped at any who tried to touch or hold her.

Darby joined the White Dog Army and immediately felt the love and comfort of being wanted. She allowed us to hold her and she snuggled with the others, especially Taiko. We fought hard to bring her back from her sorrow.

Darby was only with us for three days before she left for the Bridge. At first we felt like horrible failures but came to all agree that what Darby had come to us for was to know she was loved and not alone. Once she felt  she had a family who cared, Darby was content to pass on to the next plane. She is still part of the WDA and her portrait hangs with the rest of the WDA--Rainbow Bridge Brigade. As we tell her every night, "It is not about how many days you spent with us; it is about the connection of our hearts."

This Throwback Thursday, Darby Daisy Marie, we thank you for stopping by.


The Daily Pip said...

How nice of her to visit ...I remember her well and she made quite an impression in a few short days. I'm sure she is watching over all of you as you watched over her and helped her transition peacefully and with much love.

NanĂ¼k said...

How wonderful, RARA visits us sometimes, we are always grateful.

Nuk & Family

Amber DaWeenie said...

It's wonderful that Darby had a chance to know what real love is, even for just a few days. I'm sure she visits you often.

Brian said...

I am not at all surprised that Darby put in an apperance to check on y'all. She will likely do that from time to time because she felt so much love there.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Am not surprsied by this at all- when our Ginger first left us, I could still feel her and we could hear her tags jingle at night time, as if she needed to come in from sunbathing on the front porch. I know that she was there, and I can still feel her to this day.
Chip and Thai have not made themselves as known, but Anna Rose did with her pack replacement, the current Anna. I knew it was so when she pawed at her snoot just the way her predecessor did, and for days I could not tell Geoff becuase he was still suffering from Anna Rose being gone. However, our current Anna is merely a short haired version of the original long haired one, down to body shape, paw size and the manner in which she walks all over Geoff. I truly believe that that particular foster failure was at Anna Rose's express wish to God.