June 30, 2015

White Dog's gasp froze every pup in place...except Sachi who tried to escape by running around the table..and into Steve's arms.

It was afternoon treat time and the White Dog Army was in line to receive duck jerky treats. Every White Dog must sit politely and wait until they are offered a strip. Pushing or not sitting means you must wait until last.

Sachi was particularly impatient; he forced his way into the line and clawed at my leg. After two warnings he was told to sit at the end of the line and reminded that he must wait. Nilla followed the rules beautifully as she sat patiently and politely next to him.

I handed Nilla her jerky and she got up to move to a less crowded spot to eat. Sachi whirled around and grabbed an end of the strip that hung from her mouth. Nilla bit down and refused to yield as Steve moved to intervene. Sachi braced a leg against the newest girl's chest and actually tugged with all of his might; she opened her mouth to protest...and off Sachi ran.

WD who was on the ground at one side of the coffee table growled but he sidestepped her attempt to block him. Steve was waiting. He grabbed the little thief and wrestled the treat away. Sachi foolishly nipped Steve's hand.

"OK Little Man, it is timeout for you. Your behavior is mean and unacceptable." And Steve carried the Bad Boy into the bathroom and deposited him in the dry bathtub. He then returned to the living room and gave Nilla back her treat.

Sachi, our smallest boy, cannot jump out of the tub. It is the perfect, safe place for him to step outside of the action for a while to think and calm himself...but of course, there is drama first.

Our Happy One let all in the house know he was NOT very happy. He screamed. He howled. He cried like he was a wounded dove. He gasped and panted. After a while it made the others, Nilla in particular, nervous enough that they went in the bathroom to check on him. He scrambled at the top edge and begged for help.

After the eternity of ten minutes, Sachi was allowed back into White Dog society. All had finished their jerky. He came over and sat waiting for his. "Oh no, Little Man, I believe you have forfeited your snack because of your lack of manners. Remember this tomorrow!" I told him.

He looked shocked. He went to lay in the kitchen and sulk. After a short time Nilla went in and laid down beside him.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

i love jerkey too

Random Felines said...

jerky theft will not be permitted. we don't get time outs here, but the foster kittens will from time to time