August 17, 2015

White Dog leaped off the chair and raced out of the dog door. I heard Zsofia talking and sassing out in the yard before White Dog came back in proudly carrying a stuffie. She hopped up on the watching chair and gently laid the small toy on the window ledge. Then she sat on the pillow and glared at her sister.

The dog toys all live in two baskets in the office and are communal property. The truth of the matter is that at one time, most of them were White Dog's baby toys. Most of those who join the White Dog Army come to us not knowing what toys are, or sadly, how to play. Puff, for a while seemed to get joy eviscerating the squeakies but I think it was more some kind of prey drive (or too much  breeder mommy-ing) rather than "play." Sachi on occasion will bring the small ball to Seve and ask him to roll it...the game usually lasts for about three minutes. Yo is an exemption; he tenderly holds stuffies in his paws and nibbles (imagine delicately eating corn on the cob) and usually falls asleep holding it. But his interest is only rare.

White Dog has watched Zsofia systematically fixate upon, love to death, and totally destroy most of the toys that she had left in reasonably sound condition. Sure, when WD was a pup, sometimes toys went to the animal hospital to have a rip repaired or an arm reattached. It is different with Zso who absolutely eliminates any possibility for renewal. When she is done with a toy, particularly stuffies, they are beyond my abilities to reassemble.

WD still has a few treasured toys, not that she plays with, but rather keeps as a childhood "collection." These are hidden at the very bottom of the less accessible basket and are covered with more distracting baubles. For the most part they are ignored.

But this afternoon, Zso dug to the depths and discovered Bleu Lambie, a treasured three-legged small plush lamb that was among one of WD's first Christmas gifts. The first thing our Itty Bitty Baby did was bring it into the group to show off her find and then to do her "kill it" dance of swinging it and slamming it against the ground. Then she went outside.

Which sent White Dog out to champion the cause of beloved stuffies everywhere. She has often heard the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and has licked the tears from my face as I read certain passages. I had no doubt Bleu Lambie would be safe in moments. And she was.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

thank goodness Bleu Lambie is safe!

Random Felines said...

gotta watch out for rampaging Sibes. :)

NanĂ¼k said...

This post made me giggle, I have to hide my toys too else some huskerboo or elkie destroy them,