August 18, 2015

White Dog looked at me as Steve updated the White Dg Army. "Momma, you are so awesome! I want to be you someday!" In so many ways, the Little White Dog of My Heart IS me, I thought. I wished for a moment that I could bare my teeth and nip to deliver my message of unhappiness.

Dr. Julia's letter in hand, we went to Animal Welfare to hopefully at last finish what we started in mid-June...to get all of the White Dog Army licensed and to renew our multidog permit.

It has not been an easy process; we have had to call and call and beg for the inspection needed for the permit. It has not been a clear process; we are given information that turns out to be incorrect or incomplete. It has not been a cooperative process; despite our being proactive we have been treated as though somehow WE have been remiss.

You may recall that LAST week we thought the battle finally over but when we went to the facility we were told that Puff could not be licensed because her medical exemption for spaying had to be resubmitted EVERY year. And since Puff could not be licensed the permit could not be granted. And by the way we had ten days to provide what was needed.

This morning Steve and I arrived at Animal Welfare with the letter, the permit form, and our entire folder of WDA information (just in case).

When our number was called we explained to the clerk why we were there. She told us the letter for Puff had to be approved by one of THEIR vets who were busy and could we come back later? The facility manager was not in the building but would be back at two. No one could do anything about the situation. She understood our inconvenience and was sorry.

It was enough. I explained in a calm voice of authority that I use on the WDA when I am demanding attention that this was our SIXTH attempt to comply with the city ordinances and that I felt that WE had done our due diligence. Nothing had changed except the date on the letter that Dr. Julia sent last year and the intact exemption was allowed then. So I did not see why this would require more than a simple, "yes" from the vet there. I suggested that this was perhaps one of the reasons our Animal Welfare Department gets such horrendous press and is rated so poorly. At this point a vet tech came over to the counter and took our letter.

Fifteen minutes later we had both Puff's license and our permit.

"You are legal, Baby Girl!" I told Puff who was worried that she was somehow causing trouble. "No worries! Please forgive us humans for needing to complicate even the simplest task."

Steve held the bag..."Who wants a treat to celebrate?"


Random Felines said...

hopefully momma got a treat too. It is sad that people feel the need to place "blame" on the ones trying to do everything right rather than be a little proactive and try to help the "customer". it really is the reason that welfare and rescues get a bad reputation - that reflects badly on every organization

Gus said...

Please consider using "that voice" more often. And many hugs to all of you..humans included!

Brian said...

You can fix stupid, at least temporarily!