August 20, 2015

White Dog looked at Ferguson and said "Could we dress him in a white jumpsuit and market him as an Elvis impersonator?" "Don't be mean," I scolded. "Who is being mean," she replied, "maybe we could make some money from his talents."

Poor Fergus was not showing hidden talent with his newly started right lip curl. His tooth hurt. Steve rolled back his lips to reveal red gums surrounding a nasty looking tooth. Ferguson has really bad teeth; the curse of many rescues taken in as strays. We had hoped to let him settle in a while longer before doing a dental, but...

At breakfast he was chewing only on one side of his mouth.

I called Dr. Julia. We made an appointment for Monday for her to do both Ferguson's introduction physical and, more importantly, to look at his mouth. She gave us advice and a protocol to follow just in case the tooth issue worsened over the weekend.  But Fergus is stalwart and has refused to be "babied." He eats kibble a little slower and chews cookies on only one side of his mouth. Every so often he does his Elvis curl but does not flinch in pain if you touch the redness. We are keeping watch to make sure the tooth does not develop an abscess or the gum swell with infection. Paws crossed that we will get to Monday morning without trauma.

In the meantime, I will have to have a talk with White Dog. She is fixated on the Elvis impersonator idea. I caught her with Fergus and Steve's ancient iPod. This is what she kept playing for our quiet, elegant boy as she encouraged him to try singing along...

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