August 19, 2015

White Dog climbed higher onto the arm of the chair. The whole thing was so gross to her that she felt we ought to consider selling the house and moving. "I think you are over reacting," I told the leader of our pack.

It all started when Zsofia, ever the adventurer, took advantage of a loosely latched gate to the laundry room and an open basement door. Our Itty Bitty Clever One nosed the gate latch up and was down the stairs in an eye blink.

"Hey! You KNOW you are NOT allowed in the basement," I hollered. "Get back up here!" I tried to hide my surprise when she immediately came up and checked in with me. "Good girl!" I complimented and stroked her side.

Then I noticed that her paws were wet. All of them. "Ummm, Zso, why are your feetsies all wet?"  I called Steve who went downstairs to investigate.

Next, we heard strong language and Steve reappeared. "There is water everywhere!" he said. "About 4" in the empty room and lots standing in the main area. Looks like the hot water heater has died."

WD moved to higher ground and half of the White Dog Army rushed to the gate in an attempt to go down and check out the new White Dog indoor pool. Steve called the plumber. And then the Rent-All place to get a submersible pump.

This was SUPPOSED to be a vacation day, a just do nothing because I deserve it day, for Steve. And a new hot water heater was not the gift I had in mind for his birthday.

The hot water heater WAS 33 years old, to be fair. But ultimately that meant the installation would require upgrades to make the space and piping and wiring all up to more modern code...and the newer units had venting at the top which actually required us to put in a smaller unit than we had. But it will be more energy efficient.

The WDA was VERY unhappy about two strangers in the basement with Steve with all kinds of strange tools and making LOTS of noises. They tried to warn Steve of the security risks he was taking. Zsofia and some of the others howled at the sound of the pump sucking water out of the basement, erasing their pool...

...but then they realized the water was going into the dirt on the side of the house creating a new play area of mud!

I called everyone back inside and locked down the doggie door. Then I toweled off muddied feet. Complaints were duly noted.

The plumbers could not complete the task today and will be back first thing in the morning. There were parts they needed to purchase to make our installation safe; parts that are now just standard features. No hot water means no dishes can be washed and despite the heat, showers will be postponed...not that this concerns the WDA.

The most important things right now to them is that Zsofia considers herself a hero who should be lavished with thanks and treats...and the rest of the WDA feels treats are necessary to help them cope with this crisis without lasting trauma.

I think Steve deserves treats for spending his holiday ridding the basement of all the water (and the WDA agrees he should get his share).


Agnes B. Bullock said...

So, do I get treats too?

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

The WDA declares, that this was such a HUGE ripple in the calm fabric of the Universe that EVERY person, two, three- and four-legged should get treats! No treats for ants or spiders, however!