August 22, 2015

White Dog's absolutely favorite treat is a lamb shank bone; one preferably that still has bits of meat and tastiness clinging to it. There was a time, long ago, before the White Dog Army, that I could order lamb shanks (one of MY favorite Greek cuisine choices) and bring her home the bone.

In fact, we used to frequent a restaurant that given notice would save the bones from earlier customers so that we would have sometimes as many as four bones to bring home to the growing WDA.  But at eight, the WDA usually exceeds the public's dinner demand for this entree.

I thought of these things tonight as we dined with friends and I stared at my stripped bone. There was simply no way to bring home a bone just for White Dog; the others would feel foresaken or worse, envious enough to try to claim the prize.

"Please do not tell the Little White Dog of My Heart," I said to Steve as I allowed the waiter to clear my plate.

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Linda Szymoniak said...

Have you thought about stashing them in the freezer until you have enough fir the pack?