August 23, 2015

White Dog smiled at Bella's backside as the Tiny Dancer headed down the hallway. "She is totally devoted to you, momma. Constantly near you. I trust that she will keep you safe whenever I am not there."

"She is such a dedicated companion and I am glad her attentions do not make you jealous, Sweet One," I replied. "But I am glad she is developing a desire to interact more with your brothers and sisters."

Zsofia and Sachi were have a terrific game of chase through the house and into the yard. Each loop that made they added a member of the White Dog Army to their high speed conga line. First, Yo got up to add his deep bark and hot breath to the back of Zsofia's flanks. Then Nilla, trotted out to join in.

The next cycle through the house, Bella, who was sitting at my side in the office, excitedly watched the gang charge in and tear around the living room. When Sachi, now the leader, passed our door, Bella looked at me. Her little monkey chirps told me she wanted to take part in the fun.

"Go on Little Dancer," I encouraged her. "I will be right here and White Dog is with me. Go and have fun." She looked at me as if to make sure that I was sure. Bella squeaked a note of indecision. The WDA was nearly all back in the yard. "Go on! You will miss the chase. It is all right."

She did not wait for another prod and dashed off to take part in the joyful barking zoomies of a family at play.

I reached down and carressed White Dog. "You may go, too, Sweet One!" I said. "What? And join those barbarians? No thanks. Besides SOME pup has to keep an eye on you." "I love you, Baby Girl!"


24 Paws of Love said...

Bella is really growing up! ihope she had a wonderful chase with all her friends! :)

meowmeowmans said...

This post makes me so happy on so many levels. :)

Random Felines said...

what a wonderful tale....so glad Bella is learning to be part of the Army! the visual of the conga line made mom laugh