August 29, 2015

White Dog was not impressed. "It is only a piece of paper telliing us what we knew from the start, Nilla is part of the White Dog Army forever."

Today it is official, no longer a "permanent foster," Nilla's adoption papers have been given to us from the City and she is ours. This, a happy result of yet another go round of poor record keeping on the part of Animal Welfare, was facilitated by two dedicated advocates who work within the System. Susan, an adoption coordinator and Shelly the volunteer who is an integral part of the hospice foster program (in whch we participate). Together, they turned the snafu into a finale of independence for our Harmonious Girl. They cut through the mistakes, even though no one could explain how they happened (I suspect it is a matter of making numbers look better for those who are decision makers), and processed Nilla's release to us, compete with all of the proper licensing, in a matter of hours AND on a Saturday!

They are heroes to The White Dog Army.

Our happiness comes from knowing that from now on Nilla can be seen by OUR vet who knows the WDA and whom we love for her insight and skill. We will not need permission to provide the level of care she receives. And there is the comfort of knowing that there is no glitch now that can take her from us.

Nilla, too, seems to realize that today is significant. She is smiling nonstop. And is relaxed about taking the libertiy of climbing on Steve's lap...claiming a smiling spot next to my desk...and taking a moment to rearrange the bed, HER bed, to best suit her needs.

Although we knew when she joined us in June that Nilla was here to stay, today IS a day to celebrate! She stood tall as Steve added her new city license to her collar and shook her head just to hear her tags jingle.

And when we told her that Sunday would be a Fiesta to mark the occasion, she and WD went off to huddle about the menu.

Now you are official Nilla, Vanilla Bean Marie, The Harmonious One...Naturally A White Dog! And you have the paper to prove it!


Random Felines said...

OFFICIAL welcome Nilla!!! We are very happy for all of you.

NanĂ¼k said...

Happy woos dear Nilla!!


Brian said...

That is wonderfully happy news!