August 30 2015

White Dog sat on one side and Nilla on the other. I was making the grocery list and they were planning Nilla's Gotcha Day Fiesta!

"Can I have those green sticks?" Nilla asked. "Sure Sweetheart," I replied and looked at WD with a raised eyebrow. "She wants asparagus," WD interpreted. I understood. The snapped bottoms of the stalks are coveted chewing sticks for Bella, Zsofia...and now Nilla.

"Ask for lamb chops," White Dog prodded our still shy girl. "No, they are SO expensive!" "ASK! This is YOUR day, momma will let you have anything." My eyes flickered over to My Girl; she smiled. "Yes, Nilla, we can have lamb chops."

"Can you put a shrimp on top?"

"And oatmeal, I love oatmeal with butter and cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar." "For dinner, Sweet Baby, do you want that with your lamb chops and asparagus?" "PLEASE!!!"

"And..." "Nilla, you are going to make yourself sick." "I was just going to ask for salsa music and for dad to dance with us like he does making us go around in a circle and bow." "Please can there be music?" "THAT part you must go talk to dad. I will finish putting the list together so we can go shopping."

By the burst of howling , I guessed Steve had said, "yes." Later, in the grocery, Steve added yogurt and strawberries to the cart. I tilted my head. "For after dancing."


Random Felines said...

that's going to be quite a party...and so well deserved :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

A perfect celebration. A perfect reason to celebrate!