August 6, 2015

White Dog laughed. "Not even the sun could help you pull this off, Dad!' she said. It was bath day and the plan was for ALL of the White Dog Army to take the soapy plunge. We started out well with Storm and when she was done hung her towels out on the deck to dry as Puff was ushered into the bathtub and subjected to Steve's gentle massage.

"Oh no!" that was Steve's realization that we could not just DRY the towels...this was a special bath to avoid mites. We had to WASH all of the towels after each use in hot water with bleach. So the plan changed and the process was considerably slowed by the need for not just dry but sanitized towels.

Next was Sachi, who is for some reason a sponge when it comes to retaining water in his furs. By the time we hit Bella, Steve had to REALLY scrounge for the two towels my Tiny Dancer needs. And then we had to wait for the washer to catch up.

Not that the others were heartbroken, mind you. Especially when Steve noticed the time was fast approaching for him to go and put in office hours at school.

The others would be delayed until Friday. "We must be sure to have a towel plan ahead of time," I told Steve. The remaining White Dogs: Yo, WD, Zsofia, Nilla, and Fergis, are the biggest of the pack and we would not be able to dry ANY of them with just two skimpy towels. "Lordy," was his response. "This is becoming the Never Ending Tale."

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