August 5, 2015

White Dog laid her face against Storm's in a show of happiness and sympathy. I was proud of WD for not jumping back in alarm as we told the White Dog Army the good news/ bad news results of Gentle Storm's visit with Dr. Julia.

"We are making progress," I told them. "There are fewer C.diff bacteria but they are still there. Dr. Julia is not going to quit until no clostridia bugs show up on the slide. So Storm continues her meds but it is with hopefulness and progress."

"And the bad news?" Ferguson wanted to know. "What is the bad news?"

"It is like dad suspected, Storm has walking dandruff on her head and ears. Just like Puff sometimes gets on her legs and belly."

"But I do not have any mites," Puff protested. "I know Sweet One, and that makes me very happy."

Dr. Julia did a scraping of the dandruff and confirmed; she gave Storm a shot of ivermectin and warned us it would probably upset her system. "Oh no!" Bella exclaimed. "She is the LAST one of us who needs an upset system."

Tomorrow she gets an insectidial bath. "I hate to tell you. Here is the bad news, Fergis, Dr. Julia thinks every one in the White Dog Army ought to get a special bath. Just to be safe. Dad and I agree. So think of how cooling a bath will be on torrid day like today. Plus we will know then that you are all safe."

There were groans and complaints. "Even though none of you show any signs of dandruff or bugs, we want to make sure. So please understand we will undertake NINE baths in one day only because we really love you all. And yes, there will be ample treat rewards for your cooperation"


Brian said...

Well that is mostly good news and we hope all healthy shows up soon!

Gus said...

Nine Baths!!!

We are hopping you have a BIG Washer and Dryer for all those towels.

We would hold out for the therapy tub here!

gus n teka

Random Felines said...

oooo - baths.....yikes

meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear about the baths, gang. But we hope everyone (especially Storm) is all better as a result -- and SOON. Hugs to you all!