September 10, 2015

White Dog laughed. "Seems our Matriarch still has a bit of wild child in her." "Or maybe it is a learning exchange," Nilla suggested brushing Zsofia's tail out of her face. "She teaches Zso the finer points of hunting...and Zso teaches her the joys of puppy hood she missed by being a breeder dog."

Whatever the explanation, our Sweet Little Old Lady caught Steve quite by surprise. She was in her oxygen kennel for her pre-bedtime therapy and was not happy about being constrained. Steve kept reminding her of the benefit that was being done and finally she settled down, her back to the door, and seemed to be napping. That made Steve feel better; he hates when she struggles and complains.

After ninety minutes, he unlocked the kennel door and prepared to begin bedtime walks. Usually, Puff pushes her way out of the open door and rejoins everyone hanging out in the office. She did not come out right away. She and Bella are the first walk team so when she still remained inside the kennel after Bella was harnessed, Steve got down on his hands and knees to peer into the way back of the kennel.

"Some one has been busy," he announced as he pulled the mattress out of the kennel with Puff riding out like a Princess on a magic carpet. She stepped off the mattress and Steve held it up.

"Needs a bath," I said glancing over my shoulder. "Needs more than that," Steve said as he passed the bed over. Our Feisty Little One had NOT been napping at all. She spent the time chewing the edge piping off of the bed. About 8" of the edging dangled as a free length of rope and the cover was frayed along the edge where it had been gnawed to free the cord.

Puff swaggered out of the room, turning to look over her shoulder as if to say, "Well, isn't it walk time?"

"She is my inspiration," I said to WD, "when I am 93 I want to be as stubborn and raise a little hell like Puff does."

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rottrover said...

You GO, Puff!!