September 9, 2015

White Dog studied the sheets in front of me and turned, "I hope our new brother appreciates all the research you are doing, momma, just so he can have a healthy diet of real foods, not something out of a can."

Benson arrives on Sunday. He sits on the edge of kidney disease and a preventative diet is working to keep his numbers in good order and has kept a repeat attack at bay. It is our hope to continue that proactive approach but to improve the quality of food he is eating by home cooking for him. We cook for the rest of the White Dog Army so the concept is not daunting. Besides, we had solicited the help of our friend, Tami, who is an awesome chef with an interest in nutrition and in using food to improve chronic health issues. So Benson will have a personal chef.

The basis of controling kidney issues involves limiting the intake of phosphorous and reducing proteins to lessen the stress on the organs as food is metabolized. But all of what you would expect to hold true is not necessarily so. For example, cheap ground beef is lower in phosphorous than chicken breast. And fish protein teems with the mineral. White rice is a better choice than brown. Thank goodness green beans are still a wonderful way to add fiber and vegetables.

White Dog helped me gather the sheets as Steve and I headed off to meet with our friend. "Good luck prioritizing Benson's kidney needs with other health factors," she said. "Higher fat may be good for preventing a kidney attack but not so great if it causes pancreatitis."

"Don't worry, Little White Dog of My Heart, I have lots of great information about the target ranges and examples of diets that are good. Benson's foster mom sent one that we are using as a starting point. And once we come up with a meal, I will have Dr. Julia look at it to make sure. I think you agree that we want Benson to have a long and healthy life eating the best food possible and enjoying the perks of being part of the White Dog Army. Right?"


The Daily Pip said...

Benson is a very fortunate pup. Can't wait to meet him on Sunday.

Brian said...

Sweet Benson is gonna be in good paws fur sure!

Random Felines said...

can't wait to meet the new White Dog - we know he is in expert hands/paws

meowmeowmans said...

How wonderful that Benson has found you, and you him! We can hardly wait to meet the newest member of the beloved WDA. :)