September 23, 2015

White Dog admonished the White Dog Army, "This is supposed to be a Wonderful World Wednesday post, not a White Dogs Gone Wild report. What are our readers going to think?" Bella looked at the Leader of our Pack and burped...loudly.

"Well, maybe you would not have such an upset tummy if you had taken longer than a nanosecond to eat your dinner and had not tried to eat Nilla's and Benson's as well," WD responded. "And you," she said turning to Zsofia, "might restrict yourself to random tissues accidentally left lying in a tempting location. Stealing the entire box from the nightstand and chewing them all to shreds is a bit of overkill."

"And you boys really are gross," she continued. "What was with the marking game you played all over the house today?" No one was paying attention. She added a bit of a growl to her voice. "I mean you Sachi, and Benson, and I am not convinced you were not part of it, too, Yo." In his defense I know YoYoMa was VERY interested in the game as he sniffed and followed along but my momma sense tells me that he is truthful when he says he did not lift his leg.
Lamp in the old days, like two days ago, when it was intact.
"You destroyed the window lamp in your crazy contest to see who could get the UPS guy's attention. I don't think even dad will be able to fix it." She was right, the slender pole lamp that stood behind the end table...the lamp that replaced the lamp that once sat ON the end table)...had been bent so that the pole leaned at a distinct angle to the base and the shade had been dented and broken; it no longer lit and I pulled the plug for safety's sake. This was a result of the frenzy to get better positions and to bump the others off of the chairs during the afternoon's delivery. "Don't be so glum, White Dog," Benson told her, "I was in the office and saw momma order a new light that hangs. It will be even better and we won't be able to hurt THAT one." White Dog just looked at him and sighed.

"You conspired together; SOME pup," she said looking at Zsofia, "maybe with the help of her leaping sister, Nlla, knocked that entire container of rice and chicken off of the counter and then you all pounced on it spreading the food all over the kitchen as you gobbled it down like a flock of chickens eating seeds. Momma had a heck of a time trying to even sweep up the mess because you all would not get out of the way and tonight dad has to mop the floor."

"You howled like a pack of wild coyotes at KIDS riding their bikes...and at a mom pushing a BABY in a stroller. You made that one kid kind of scared with all of your noise. It was not funny."

White Dog looked over the WDA. "For the rest of the day until dad gets here, I want each of you to get a grip and to start acting a little more responsibly. He is not doing to be happy at some of the day's antics and you might want to get your apologies in order now."

A short while later, before Steve even got through the door, he was besieged by a blizzard of White Dogs. Ferguson cuddled up against his legs. The Darkest One wooed the apology that all had cobbled together, "Dad, momma and White Dog were so demanding and we did not do ANYTHING except a couple of little things. We love you!"


Anonymous said...

I so love your blog!!! Today's made me chuckle and cringe (thinking of the messes the White Dog Army created)! Sue, your writing is wonderful and I look forward to it every day. Thank you all!

Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio) :-)

Random Felines said...

oh my....sounds like some dogs may have to work a little harder on their apology speech :)