September 22, 2015

White Dog had the new kids and Zsofia gathered around her. They were listening intently. "It is the curse of the State Fair," she told them. "Happens every year. You can just count on the weather to get crazy wacky."

It had been raining all day. Not the nice gentle drink for the plants and ground. This was a grey, moody cloud covered day with grumbling skies and thundering shouts. It did not rain, it torrented! Reports of flooding and power outages came from all corners of the city.

It was humid and everything felt clammy. The White Dog Army napped a lot but eventually were confronted with the need to go outside but the unwillingness to get wet. And they were bored.  It made everyone cranky

Everyone that is, except Zsofia. SHE was the pup standing out in the yard getting drenched and then running in to shake and shower the rest of us. YoYoMa watched her from the dog door. "She is just like you, momma," he said. "Standing out there in the worst of it with her head turned up. I KNOW she is thinking 'Bring It On!' just like you do." She came trotting toward the door streaming water. "Guess now is as good a time as any to go out," Yo said, "I will get wet if I go or if I stay and she comes in."

White Dog does not like the intimidating sounds of continual thunder. Nor does YoYoMa. Nor does Nilla...or Benson...and the noise made Ferguson uneasy. The day's work schedule was set aside to stay together and speak soothingly, read aloud, and to sing. The entire WDA had a moment of lightness when our Darkest White Dog joined me in singing "Blue Moon." We provided distraction from Mother Nature's temper tantrum.

The worst is past us now but we still wait nervously for Steve's late return.

And Nilla has reported that both Bella and Puff are out stalking the snails that appear in the yard after a storm. That news sent Zso out to join the fun. I hold Ferguson's face in my hands and tell him, "NO yard noshing for you, mister! I still have not recovered from your adventures with horsenettle." He smiles that magnetic smile of his and settles in the hall...but not before WD adds a commanding "I mean it, too" woof.


Random Felines said...

gotta watch out for those wet dark dogs :)

meowmeowmans said...

We sure hope your weather improves soon! Though it does sound like SOME of you are enjoying it right now... :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh no,, not snail watching!! Be careful!