September 3, 2015

White Dog jumped down and ran over to Puff. She purposely hip checked her, sending our Little Old Lady sprawling into the doorway...just as Zsofia came charging around the coffee table, leaped onto the Watching Chair and knocked the end table over...right onto the spot where Puff had been standing seconds ago. That table is a heavy oak box on iron legs; it could have seriously hurt our Matriarch.

I swallowed the yell I was about to make at White Dog's behavior.

Puff struggled back to her feet. WD sat against my leg and looked up at me. Zsofia hopped over the fallen table and ran back outside.

I took a deep breath. "Thank you, my love. How did you know?" She pawed my leg indicating she wanted to get back up on the chair.

Steve came in and raised an eyebrow when he saw the table. "Meet the hero of the day," I said nuzzling White Dog's side with my head.


meowmeowmans said...

Way to go, White Dog. You always know just what to do. :)

rottrover said...

WD, you amaze!!