September 4, 2015

White Dog was not surprised by the news. Neither, frankly, were the others. They nodded at Ferguson as he came in then all of the WDA followed Steve and the delicious carryout bag into the kitchen.

We had just returned from Fergus's followup visit with Dr. Julia to check on his mouth where at the beginning of the week he had six teeth pulled. We were concerned because his records indicated that in the past he was a slow healer. Dr. Julia wanted a peek before the long weekend to make sure there was no trouble brewing.

This time at the vet's office Ferguson allowed his lip to be rolled up so that the gums and healing sockets cold be seen. "Looks REALLY good," Dr. Julia said. "In fact I normally wait a week before the followup but wanted to see him before the holiday and long weekend. He is healing very well and quickly, too."

Steve told her that he had never witnessed any creature so happy to have had teeth removed. From the minute he shook off the anesthesia, Fergus has been once again able to enjoy life and food and being touched near his mouth.

"Don't push too fast, take your lead from what he wants to eat and do," she advised. "When do you want to see him again?" we asked. "For this? Unless there is a problem, I don't need to. Finish the antibiotic over the weekend since we don't want to risk infection but he is good to go after that."

That was what our boy was waiting to hear and he pulled at the leash as he moved toward the door.

"I am starving," Steve announced once back in the van. Fergus thrust his head between the front seats to let his beloved dad know that he was, too. "Popcorn chicken?" Steve asked him.

Once settled at home the WDA did not turn down an offer to share the chicken bits in celebration.


Random Felines said...

That's great news!!!

Brian said...

That really is great news and we're so happy Ferguson is feeling better!