September 5, 2015

White Dog buried her head under the pillow. "Oh for dog's sake!" she moaned. "Make her stop!"

Steve had run to the grocery to pick up a few necessities. This was an errand that would take less than half an hour, counting the time to stop to gas up the van. As he backed down the driveway, Zsofia took up watch and began her song of "I want my daddy!"

By the 600th reprise of the Watching and Waiting for Dad Blues, the entire White Dog Army was begging for mercy.


rottrover said...

What are you guys? Chopped cat litter??

Random Felines said...

oh Zso... :)

Jo's World said...

So, can't a guy feel bad at your house? Gotta keep a stiff upper lip, no crying, no boo-hoos? I thought you guys were a lot more understanding about things than that.

Go to it, Zso, and let Dad know you missed him BAD when he gets home!

Your pal, Stella

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Oh Stella, if you had been here, you would understand. Zso sings like she is in some heavy metal punk goth band and it is that same chorus over and over and over and over...and when he got home, she was more interested in the grocery bag than in him!