September 7, 2015

White Dog was not about to let any member of the White Dog Army but her be the Ambassador for this Event! Paws To People had been invited to be the guests of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters at the annual Labor Day Picnic. It was at this gathering of all the unions in the region and the public to celebrate the working man's holiday that we would stand side-by-side to challenge the creative members of these trades.

One of the members of the union had generously donated his time and creative skills to build an amazing podium from which to issue our call.

And his work drew people from all over the park to see it up close and to find out more. White Dog sat proudly at the front edge of the Bridge inviting excitement and enthusiasm for the concept of entering our competition to creatively construct a garden bridge that captured the meaning of our mission: Bridges To Cures.

White Dog danced her "polar bear" dance as the pipefitters talked about a team that would use their material of choice. A shop teacher took notes on how he could engage a student team. Paws To People spoke of our mission and the work we do; the carpenters talked materials and issued challenges to their construction brothers...together we engaged the spirit that makes our often unappreciated and maligned Labor force great.

White Dog posed with kids. We handed out fliers. Everyone had a great time. And the ideas grow.


How Sam Sees It said...

How fun! What will happen to the bridges once the competition is over?

Monty and Harlow

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

First there is voting on FB to determine the Best ofs...and then the Bridges wil be auctioned off to fund more research into the nearly 400 diseases that pets and people share. We think people will LOVE to have one of these lovely garden ornaments as part of their landscapes.