September 8, 2015

White Dog lifted her head, "Really it is Tuesday already? Why is it that dad's vacation weeks always seem to skip days in their hurry to drag him back to the work routine?" Her questions got the entire White Dog Army alarmed and they rushed to surround Steve, to shield him from the passage of time and to ask for enough attention to store up for future nights when he is teaching.

Zsofia ran and got Dragon, her favorite stuffie, and dropped it in Steve's lap. He did not pick it up right away because he was caressing Puff, holding Sachi, and stroking Nilla's ears. Zso nudged his arm demanding that he play fetch with her. Steve gave the toy a fling down the hall and she loped after it, Ferguson moved into her spot to press his head into Steve's lap.

When Zsofia returned, she stood for a second, confused about losing her space, then nimbly jumped over the milling White Dogs to land on the couch next to Steve. The entire group surged to embrace him.

Puff was getting trampled in the lovefest; our Little Old Lady is easily knocked off her feet these days. "Come on," Steve said pushing his arms down to lift Puff, "who wants to go outside?" The room emptied of all but White Dog at my shoulder and YoYoMa, my protector. Bella was torn and scampered to the door and back. "Go on, Tiny Dancer," I told her, "go join the others." She dashed outside.

It sounded like the school playground at recess. Lots of happy barking and the Doppler effects that told us that chase was underway and zoomies and maybe even fetch. We heard Steve's clapping and his whistle then the rustle of feet through leaves (yes, they are beginning to yellow and fall here).

The joyful noises filled me with a sense of well-being and contentment; I heard WD sigh the same thought. "Wouldn't this be great if it were EVERY day?" I stopped myself and kissed the Little White Dog of My Heart. "It IS today," I told her. "Let us be glad for what we have right now."

But human that I am, I could not stop the continuing thought,  "...because next week the new quarter starts and dad will be back to his school routine."


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Zoomies and playing fetch make a very perfect day!

Gus said...

This semester is a rough transition for us too, but we have had a productive summer and need to welcome our fall routine. YUCK

Random Felines said...

it is hard to live in that moment....but at least we can store them away for later ;)