October 12, 2015

White Dog sat down next to me and waited for me to finish before posing her question. "As you know," she started, "I am NOT a huge fan of dressing up but it seems if our friends at the pet boutique are hosting a Halloween Fundraiser for Paws To People that maybe we ought to consider dressing in costume, just to be part of the fun. Do you think you have time between now and the end of the month to put together costumes for the White Dog Army?"

I looked at her kind of surprised. "Kind of a get down and get funky with the common dog, eh?" I teased. "Mostly the others will need you help," she told me. "YoYoMa and I already have our costumes picked out. But I did not want to get the others excited and thinking about their choices until I made sure it was all right with you." I thought about seven costumes and the crazy ideas that might come up. I remembered the anticipation and fun of my own childhood as I determined that year's persona and how best to achieve it (we never bought costumes). I took a deep breath and smiled. "I can imagine bunches of possibilities for the Dark One but I will listen to what each choice is and if we can accomplish it, then it will be so. Tell them to start planning."

As she turned to share the news with her brothers and sisters, I had to ask. "What has YoYoMa decided?"

"His pirate captain outfit."

"and you?" WD tossed her head. "Why Cleopatra, of course!"


Amber DaWeenie said...

You guys are all going to look great on Hello-Weenie! :)

Random Felines said...

we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I am sure it will be brilliant. But oh how wonderful is that Cleopatra.

The Daily Pip said...

Really great costumes. My human daughter wants to be a pirate this year. Though I think Cleopatra would make a wonderful costume.