October 13, 2015

White Dog laughed. "Benson can be such a big Teddy Bear! I have never met anyone else so happy to just roll over for a belly rub. I say we call this Touchable Tummy Tuesday."
Nilla looked over and suggested, "or maybe we can call it 'I Can See Up Your Nostrils Day.'" Joining in the fun, Ferguson said, "or 'Cover Up, Bud, You Are All Exposed Day!'"

I gave my boy a thorough belly rub and slipped him a sweet potato treat for enduring the teasing so well. My calm boy sat up and smiled.


Random Felines said...

belly rubs and a treat - life is good :)

meowmeowmans said...

No wonder Ferguson is smiling -- belly rubs and a sweet potato treat are both pretty darned great! :)