October 15, 2015

White Dog and Benson were the White Dog Army ambassadors as the guests of the students and teachers of St. Mark's Montessori School. Thirty-five or so preschoolers and their teachers filed in after recess to find us waiting for them at the front of their circle rug.

We had been invited to talk about staying healthy and keeping our pets well. The students had some great ideas on what things we did to stay well and their responses were met with hearty wags from both White Dogs.

White Dog lead the entire student body is a game of "Follow What I Do" exercises...loved watching all of the kids doing the Polar Bear stretch! They copied her "Backup, backup, backup and bow. The students sat pretty, laid down, then rolled over. Then she led them on a trot round the classroom. As they passed Benson and I, the children paused to pet his head or touch his back; his smile was broad.

Everyone huddled close around Steve, Benson and White Dog to read FiveSibes mom and fellow blogger,  Dorothy Wills-Raftery's, wonderful book, Getting Healthy With Harley. the children listened and wanted to see the pictures and sat quietly with the White Dogs.

After, we had a great discussion about dogs in pj's, who had an elephant for a pet (sadly, no one),  and good treats for kids and pets...the WDA was VERY impressed that one young lady knew grapes were not good for dogs and another young man jumped in with the fact that neither was chocolate!

All too quickly our half an hour was over and the students got up to go back to their classrooms. Benson and White Dog were sad to go.  It was a delight! Thank you, friends at St. Mark's!

When we got home and Benson told the others of his adventure, there was a bt of jealousy. "How come we could not ALL go?" Zsofia wooed. It was funny because one little boy asked how many dogs we had and when we said nine, he asked the very same question. "Well, then," Nilla suggested, "why don't we just invite them all over here?"

"Sweet One," I replied holding her face in my hands and trying not to show my true thoughts about 35 toddlers in the house, "because we do not have a circle rug big enough to hold everyone."


Gus said...

Quick thinking! Montessori kids are pretty cool and laid back, but it would be a bit crowded, and Every Dog and Kid would have to be touching you all the time!

How Sam Sees It said...

Oh how fun! I've always wanted to be involved in bringing the dogs to school children. What a great experience!

Monty and Harlow

FiveSibesMom said...

I'm so thrilled you selected my book to read to the students! It always warms my heart to hear how they enjoy my stories! I love your comment about not having a rug big enough - love that! What a special day for the children! You guys are amazing!