October 16, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army faced a restless night of enormously high winds, a banging dog door, creaking trees, and dust pinging against the windows like rain. Some of the gusts neared 70mph. Everypup was ill at ease.

At some point during the night, we lost electricity. We know that because I was awakened by the sudden lack of oxygen in my sleep apnea mask and the house erupted in a series of emergency warning beeps...from the computer backup...from my O2 concentrator...from the clock next to the bed.

We battened down the dog door and silenced the alarms and fell back into sleep. There was much nervousness that the routine was disrupted and their access to the yard locked sht.

The WDA was surprised when there was no morning wake up from the clock on Steve's side of the bed. And Puff awoke late in the morning confused that she had missed her daily therapy.

The electricity was still out and when Steve checked, there were outages all over the city.

Amid great concern from the White Dogs about how breakfast was to be served. "We can't even make TOAST!" Bella wailed. "Momma will starve," proclaimed Benson (which really meant, we won't be able to share her meal), Steve skillfully by-passed the range's electronic ignition with a match and stove topped a lovely day starter of bacon, eggs and griddled toast.  White Dog was mightily impressed...and the WDA shared bites.

The prediction from the power company was that we would be without power until as late as 6pm. "No computer, momma," White Dog pointed out. "No phone service," Steve added (our house phone is VOIP) as he placed my seldom used cell phone into my hands. "Maybe if they are wrong and it takes longer we will have to sit in the dark," Sachi said and pressed against my leg.

Then it hit the WDA. "Oh my DOG! We are without power and it is dad's late night. And Candace volunteers until early evening. WHAT are we going to do." I cleared my throat, a little insulted. "I will still be her, my loves. We WILL be fine. And the treat bag is right here, safe, where it always is." Their return stares were not very convinced.

Steve was just gathering his materials to leave for class at three when the ceiling fan began to turn. I nudged her and pointed upward to White Dog. "The power is ON!" she howled in excitement. In a nanosecond all of the Army had joined her happy song, including Steve.


Brian said...

No power is always a great big pain, and sometimes scary too!

meowmeowmans said...

Storms can be so scary! And no power? Also very scary. What a blessing that the power was restored sooner than expected! Hugs to you all.

LBJ said...

We hope all is well. I don't know what I'd do without toast I can steal off of Mom's plate.

Abby the Lab in Chicao