October 18, 2015

White Dog jumped down from the bed and headed off to her sleep suite in the office closet. "Sweet Dreams," she told me, "if you ever get everypup settled."

Nilla was standing, very confused, in front of her bed kennel. Inside, Benson was lying on his back, legs sprawled, and sleeping soundly enough that he snored.

"How about using Benson's crate for now," Steve suggested as he guided her into the nearly brand new accommodation. She grunted her dissatisfaction but snuggled in.

The White Dog Army seemed situated until Steve went out to the kitchen to bring back night table water for us humans who needed to take medications. Instantly the Army was back on its feet to follow along and to make sure Steve was secretly eating something delicious out of the refrigerator (he wasn't).

While most of the WDA followed Steve, Puff shifted from where she had been comfortably stretched on her large corner orthopedic mattress to Nilla's crate. The Army returned, Benson hustled into his own bed, but again Nilla was left standing outside her own bed and looking sadder than before.

"Come on, Puff," Steve tried to reason with her, "time to go in your own bed. Nilla wants to rest." Puff did not even look up as she shifted so that her back was to him.

Nilla slowly tromped down the hall and settled on the floor in front of the door to the living room. "Nilla Bean," I cooed, "come back in here we will help you get your bed back."

At that Steve gently lifted Puff out of the crate and placed her back on her mattress, way at the back edge, and gently covered her with her soft tan blanket. She did not resist.

"Quick!" I directed Nilla. "Get into your bed and for dog's sake, don't move for anyone!" Nilla scrambled into her space and sat beaming for a second before resting her head on her crossed paws and closing her eyes to sleep.


Random Felines said...

nightly game of musical dogs :)

LBJ said...

What a fun story - with just one dog in our house I'll have to think of a different game.

Abby Lab