October 17, 2015

White Dog shook her head. "I try, momma, I really do try to instill some respect and manners in the Itty Bitty Baby but I think it is hopeless." Zsofia looked up, her mouth full of used tissues from Steve's wastebasket, and responded with a muffled, "WHAT?"

"Maybe White Dog is referring to that little post breakfast incident where you tried to break into the chest freezer and almost succeeded." I replied. Zso wrinkled her nose to think back. "You remember. There was a tiny bit of a plastic bag that holds your extra treats that got caught hanging out of the lid. You jumped up and grabbed it with your teeth and tried to drag it out of the freezer. Fortunately the bag got caught inside the freezer and you could not get it out. BUT you did manage to open the freezer just a little bit, wasting energy because the lid was not sealed. Thank dog dad noticed and fixed the problem."

WD continued, "Remember, you then spent half an hour trying to push the lid open with you head and your paws? You were so persistent that dad finally put the dog food bin on top of the freezer just to guarantee you could not lift the lid. Do you remember?"

Zsofia tilted her head and looked off into space for a long few seconds..."Oh yeah, I do remember now."


How Sam Sees It said...

BOL - but will the pup remember?

Monty and Harlow

NanĂ¼k said...

Oh Zsofia, woo are a lot of action!