October 25, 2015

White Dog did not need more of an invitation than "Want to go?" and she was at the front door. Steve cracked the door just a sliver so she could slip out before the White Dog blizzard came bounding up to join her.

Every so often White Dog just needs a little special time alone with us. The others have their moments as well but WD wears the mantle of making sure everyone else is happy and contented first before she grabs a selfish minute for herself.

In three seconds, she was out of the front door, into the van and Steve had automatically closed the sliding door. Then the rest of the White Dog Army sat nicely for a parting treat. As they ate, I was able to head out without being overwhelmed. But there were faces in the window by the time the three of us were backing down the driveway.

Steve had slightly lowered the back window and WD stood on the seat with her furs blowing in the wind of this perfect Autumn afternoon. She was in such bliss that we had travelled almost two minutes before she looked at me to ask, "Where are we going?"

My response brought a smile and tail flag waves..."the Park!"


Gus said...

We all need a little time just for "us once in a while. Nose pokes to the White Dog - it is hard being the leader of the WDA.


Random Felines said...

every kid needs some individual one on one time :)