October 26, 2015

White Dog's barking turned into a long soulful howl. Sachi joined in, then YoYoMa and Benson, Nilla and Bella finished the chorus.

"WHAT could possibly be so compelling at this hour?" I asked Steve as he poked his head into the bedroom to see if I was still sleeping. "Sorry, tried to keep everyone quiet." A hot air balloon had drifted off course during its early morning flight. The frequency of the sound of the propane igniting to raise the balloon is painful screamingt o the pup's ears. "That pilot is going to get a heck of a fine," I mumbled referring to how close the balloon was to the airport.
The wailing had ended and the White Dog Army slowly drifted in to hear my review. "Can I go back to sleep for a bit longer," I asked them. In answer, Yo came around the bed and returned to his sleep spot. Zsofia jumped up on the bed with me. Nilla curled up in her crate. Benson laid beside me on the floor and Bella took up position in Benson's kennel.

I snuggled deeper under the covers and Zso stretched out against me. "Good thing I still have stuff to do," Steve laughed, "because I don't think there is room for me to join the snoozing." I kissed him and replied, "It is an even better thing that White Dog, Ferguson, and Sachi are so devoted to you and your early morning habits. And that Puff monitors you nearby in her oxygen kennel."

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meowmeowmans said...

What a rude interruption that resulted from that balloon's wayward course. I'm glad everyone was able to get back to what they were doing beforehand!