November 2, 2015

White Dog pressed against my leg and all of the White Dogs crowded into the office. Steve wrapped his arms around a softly crynig Candace and I held the soft blanket which held the lifeless body of Bugsy Lou, the Bearded Dragon. We were all in shock.

Bugsy Lou, or officially Armonia (Harmony), was a very sick little Beardie Candace encountered at our local pet store. She had been surrendered to them and the staff had tried their best but had given up hope. All were waiting for her to die.

Candace brought her home about a month ago. The little one was suffering from Vitamin A toxicity, had metabolic bone disease, and had coccidia numbers through the roof. One eye was obviously beyond saving and the lizard was so very thin.

She was gently nursed and held and loved as Candace fought to recover her health. Her vet provided medications and advice. But it was Candace who syringe fed her both foods and medicine, who used forceps to try to entice interest in self feeding, who bathed the girl in iodine baths to combat a fungal infection.

After three weeks tremendous progress had been made. The vet was amazed at the little lizard's spunk and her will to live; it was encouraged in no small part by Candace's love and attention. Bugsy saw the vet the end of last week and plans were underway to finally schedule the surgery to remove the destroyed eye. Things were looking up.

Just as we prepared for pre-bed walks last night I got a message from Candace, who was out in the Studio. She was in shock. "BugsyLou just took her last breath while I was holding her before doing meds and bath tonight. Was not expecting this at all. She just took a huge breath in and then expelled it and was gone."

Steve immediately went to the other building and returned with Candace, her sad bundle, Skye and Daisy. Tears flowed as each of the White Dogs came up and sniffed to better understand what was happening. Then they each took a moment to pay their respects to Candace. We all sat for a long time just being together before words could come.

"I really needed to win this one," Candace said. I held Bugsy in my arms and softly said to her. "But you did. You took a beautiful girl abandoned and given up for dead and showed her compassion, eased her pain, gave her a sense of belonging. Maybe she needed you to heal her spirit; the body was not so important."

"And when she felt that completeness and peace, Bugsy Lou had all she needed to earn her Dragon Wings," Nilla added.

We found a suitable box to hold the remains. "She is not here anymore, remember that she is now a part of all the Universe," White Dog reminded. Candace tucked her little girl into her shroud and allowed all of the White Dog Army to send off the Dragon Girl with love and peace.

Today, Candace took Bugsy to the Vet where they will perform a necropsy in the hope of determining what caused such a sudden total catastrophic collapse. It is Candace's desire not only to have closure but to perhaps advance the medical knowledge surrounding the diseases; veterinary science is not rich in information about the illnesses of lizards.

The White Dog Army understands and feels the pain of this loss. We all were convinced that Bugsy Lou had turned the corner and was heading toward a happily ever after miracle ending.


Gus said...

Wonderful look into all that Candace had done for Bugsy...and you are right, this was a true win!


Random Felines said...

we are so very sorry....having lost some after a struggle, it seems so much harder. but Candace gave Bugsy so much love....and a chance she otherwise would not have had purrs

Amy Boyer said...

Candace is a very special person. I'm so sorry for her loss. I hope the necropsy gives her the closure she needs and that the next animal she rescues can be with her for a long time.

Amber DaWeenie said...

I'm so very sorry. My deepest sympathy to Candace and to you and Steve too. Bugsy knew love and comfort so she could begin her new journey in peace.

Brian said...

We are so very sorry to hear about Bugsy Lou. Hugs and love to Candace from all of us.

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry to read of the loss of your sweet little one, Bugsy Lou. Candace, you did a beautiful thing by bringing Bugsy Lou into your life and giving her peace and love and comfort. You opened your heart to her, and that is what is to be remembered. She left while in your arms, how beautiful is that? My deepest sympathy for your loss, I know you are hurting, they always leave us too soon. But please be at peace knowing that Bugsy Lou left this world in the comfort of knowing she was loved and cared for.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

K and Angel Suka

rottrover said...

Bugsy Lou, an honorary member of the WDA!