November 25, 2015

White Dog told the "new" kids, Benson, Nilla and Ferguson, "Better get used to wonky things as long as you are a member of the White Dog Army. We don't always follow the norm."

YoYoMa and Puff napped calmly without interest; the newbies paced back and forth in fascination and amazement as we brought in boxes, sorted items, checked off lists, and carted things off to the cars.

White Dog continued her commentary, "Yep. Every other family in America is making pies, and wrapping tamales, and baking bread. You know, getting ready for tomorrow's big feast. Here, WE get to organize packout for the Craft Fair event Paws To People is hosting on Friday."

"Just what decade are you living in, Little White Dog of My Heart?" I asked her. "Believe me, MOST families in America are not making pies or wrapping tamales or baking bread. Granted they are preparing a little more modern version of this celebration of thanks, but very few fit the picture you paint. pretty much no one is skinning eels like on the first Thanksgiving." (Ummmm, eel, Yo muttered in his sleep) "The White Dog Army and our family will not be cheated, OUR day to honor tradition by sitting together and sharing gratitude and bounty will be on Saturday, that is all."

"This is kind of fun," Nilla admitted. "Yeah, don't you just love getting to look in everything?" Sachi agreed. "If we help can we have some of those caramel apples on the sunporch?" Zsofia asked, her face pressed against the closed front door. "Um, no." Steve responded. "Unless you want to use your allowance to purchase one." "SOME kind of treats?" she pleaded. "Maybe we can find something."

Ferguson wandered out from his spot in the kitchen. "You should be helping because this is important to raise money to save lives and to encourage people to understand how important it is to support their local community." Steve looked at him and beamed. "So right, Buddy!"

So the idea of making pies was put on hold as we spent the day gathering together the signs and boxes and tents and necessaries. All of us worked together doing the prep work which will guarantee success and make the day seem effortless.

After, we shared a rare treat in our house...pizza. "You know my favorite part," said Benson said dropping his pizza crust as he spoke...Bella flew out of no where and snatched it up. "What, Sweet Boy," I encouraged him. "When Candace and momma were blowing up the balloons and tying them together.  The entire room was filled with bouncing balls and twirling ribbons. Made me want to do zoomies through them."

White Dog nodded. "My point. How many families do you think did THAT today?" "Maybe, my love, it will become the new normal for pre-Thanksgivng Day."


Brian said...

We hope you all at the White Dog Army have a totally wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Daily Pip said...

Pizza as a pre-Thanksgiving treat sounds great to me. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. XOXO

meowmeowmans said...

There's nothing wrong with wonky, if you ask us. In fact, the WDA Thanksgiving preparations sound pretty darned wonderful to us. :)

Love and hugs to you all, and wishes for the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Random Felines said...

We think that is a GREAT way to celebrate. Good luck with everything tomorrow.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Happy Thanksgiving ! :o)