November 26, 2015

White Dog, YoYoMa, Puff, Bella, Sachi, Zsofia, Nilla, Ferguson, Benson, Steve and I try to remember to be thankful each and every day. There is so much for which we are grateful. We do not struggle for the essentials of life...we have food and shelter and safety. It s our privilege to be able to pursue our passion and to live in a place where we are allowed to champion change. We have each other.

In a way those are all givens and so easily part of the background noise of life, we ARE thankful but OF COURSE it is our blessing; it is destiny.

But we are enriched with a rarer treasure yet: An Army of not just white dogs but of caring loving hearts that provide encouragement and support and strength. We have friends who are heart family to "have our backs" and rally the troops and shield us from all manner of evil with their prayers and powerful thoughts. And who hold our paw when we fear or hurt or need.

Even though our family's celebration will wait until Saturday, tonight we sit together and give thanks for the incredible good fortune that has brought us together as a family. Ours is truly a story of miracles.

The White Dog Army wishes for each of you, dear ones, safety, peace, a warm home and heart filled with thanks. We hope that your day was one of togetherness and sharing...and that you offered a prayer for those without someone to care or someplace to call home. We ask that the Universe always provide you with bounty enough to reach out a hand to those in need. And as you close you eyes to sleep this night, we ask that your last thought of the day be one of thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving.


24 Paws of Love said...


meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for your friendship, and for the inspiration that you are all to us. We are so very grateful for you! Happy Thanksgiving, WDA pals. WEe love you!1

Brian said...

We hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

Amber DaWeenie said...

We are so very thankful for wonderful friends like you and your family. The world would be a much better place if only there were a lot more like you.

Hugs and a very Happy Thanksgiving!