November 27, 2015

White Dog threw herself into my arms when we walked through the door...and immediately jumped away. "Brrrr, momma," she said in surprise, "you are so cold!"

We had been gone almost twelve hours; it seemed like a week had passed. Steve and I had been at the Holiday Craft Fair and Blood Drive that Paws To People organized as an alternative to Black Friday. Although the fair ended mid afternoon, Steve and the volunteers had to return his school back to classroom order.

"But that does not explain why you are a mom-cicle," Bella pushed.

"Sweet girls...and boys," I said collapsing into the momma chair and pulling the afghan over me, coat and all, "I have basically been the outside support for the event and our booth since early this morning. Thank dog it was not windy or wet but it WAS cold, VERY cold. It may take me days to thaw out."

White Dog leaped to my shoulder. Zsofia sank to lie across my feet. YoYoMa pressed against my left leg and Benson my right. Puff moved against Zso and Bella asked to sit in my lap. I felt their body heat melting my blueness.

Steve was physically whipped. He had spent three hours moving stacks of tables and chairs after a morning and afternoon of overseeing the inside vendors and answering questions. Sachi and Nilla barked him over to a chair. Ferguson rested his head on Steve's knee and Nilla plopped down on his feet. Sachi scampered to his lap. I heard him sigh happily.

I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sanctuary of my home and family. It had been a good day but nothing could compare to this feeling of perfection.

"Oh Auntie Em," I muttered. "There's no place like home."


Random Felines said...

Best welcome home!

Brian said...

Oh yea, home is always best!

meowmeowmans said...

Home, sweet home! That sounds like the best welcome home ever. :)

Jo's World said...

Every time I stop for a visit,I see a new name. . .who is Benson? Sounds like he could be from Minniesnowda!