October 31, 2015

White Dog and the others have come to understand that when Steve and I attend some Paws To People events that it is simply not possible to bring a White Dog Army ambassador along. They know on those occasions that we will be too busy interacting with people and other pets to be able to make sure that the White Ones are safe and their needs attended to. At the beginning, some, including WD, were offended and not happy about being excluded. But no pup complained as we left the house this morning at eight and told them we would not be home until late afternoon...and if they wanted to go, they would have to stay in costume all day AND sit quietly in a corner. "Have a great time dad," Ferguson said, "Just hurry home."

We were headed to a fundraising Halloween Bash being held for us by a favorite local pet boutique.

Here are some event photos that we shared with the WDA. "Looks like it was fun," Siku said as she stretched on the arm of the chair. "LOTS of people and dogs," sighed Bella. "We enjoyed a nice relaxing day here and it seems like your brought some of the best parts home for us...the goodie bags, the cookies from Aunts Nancy and Dawn, even kibble. And we didn't even have to be on our best behavior," Zsofia said. I raised an eyebrow and she licked my hand.

Candace's very own Izabella beat out the Miniature chicken in a dress to win the "Other" category.

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