October 30, 2015

White Dog stayed up late with me more to keep me on task, I think than out of loyalty. But in the ween hours of the morning I looked at her and said "Voila! Every White Dog now has a costume for today!" I said it solftly because everyone was asleep but I turned in my chair and suddenly I was surrounded.

"Can I see mine," Benson yawned and asked. Then promptly fell asleep in his costume. To celebrate his new home on the frontier, he chose to be an old fashioned cowpoke; no boots was his only request.
"Oh momma!" Bella chirped, I cuddled her in my arms and adjusted her nightshirt.  "The tail is perfect! I look just like a mermaid!"
Nilla had asked to honor her Halloween favorite author for the holiday and I had a surprise for her. "Edgar Allen Poe!" She wagged. "Nevermore!" Despite the hour, we all paused as she recited the poem by heart.
I heard Sachi wake Steve and the two of them came over to the office see. Sachi is Steve's devoted boy and had asked to be Steve for his costume. "What do you think," I asked as I adjusted his tie.
All of this time Zsofia was doing an amazing impersonation of Patient Dog. She had changed her mind a hundred times about what she wanted to be. Early in the day as I worked on her Black Swan ballerina costume she came to me once again. Internally I sighed. "Momma," she whispered, "don't be mad. But do you know what I REALLY want to be?" "Sweet Love," I said to her, "at this point I simply cannot imagine." "Truly," she turned those pleading eyes on me, "I want to be magic. I want to be a fairy princess."  "Are you sure you don't want to be something scary or wicked? This is your last chance to change your mind." "Magic, momma, Make Me Magical."


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Great costumes and they fit each one pawfectly

Gus said...

We stand in awe! It takes NO imagination to dress Teka as a witch and let Gus get by...once again pretending to be Asta from the thin man movies. But you are all so creative and look wonderful.